Friday, January 15, 2010

Weekly Obsessions

 Sycamore Street Press posted their favorites of the week and asked that we do the same (by either commenting or blogging) and I thought that was a swell idea! To start off, I am obsessed with these pictures. Second one look familiar? I liked it so much when I first posted it, that it has now grown to a somewhat unhealthy obsession. And the first one, just makes me happy.


 {brass candlesticks}

 {vintage bookends}

{these kids sneakers for my son}

{this necklace, perfect for matchgirl}

What am I doing this weekend? My husbands grad school applications are due today, and family day/date night tomorrow. I am wicked excited for tomorrow!

I hope you have a fantastically long weekend!


Eva / Sycamore Street Press said...

Thanks! These photos are gorgeous!

Larissa said...

the second picture is nice, but the
1st one takes me back to the time I rode the zipper at the fair and it broke and I was stuck 2 cars from the top for 5 hours- til 2AM! Until the firefighters finally got us down- talk about needing a bathroom!!!