Friday, October 1, 2010

Have a fun weekend

 We're off to the north to celebrate my dad's birthday for the weekend. Pizza, cobbler, movies, bon fires and lots of playtime are up ahead! Have a great weekend friends, may it be a fun one! Here are my links for the week, enjoy!

{perfect baby blankets - in every color!}

{these pebble earrings are so unique and cute!}

{I want/need this custom address stamp}

{wouldn't this make for a stunning menu?}

{the solution to iphone picture taking}

{this coconut tart looks incredible}

{see Temple Grandin - trust me!}


lisa said...

that picture made me laugh so hard...i dont know if its the leotard or her major wedgie! hope your pops had a fabulous birthday and you guys had fun in huntsville!