Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Quick Shout Out

I just had to take a minute and write about my sister, Brooke. She owns a business (Ritzy Misfit) and for those of you who don't already know, Brooke makes hand melted and hand stamped wax seal pendants. She has had great success with her classic pendants and is starting to get new seals and fonts to introduce to her shop! My new favorites are her Wonky pendants. They are brand new to her shop and it just so happens that her Wonky pendants are on sale. I have a teal "K" and I absolutely LOVE it. It is so....me!

Mine is the "K" front and center! But she makes them in every color and they are, as always, so unique!
Brooke's pendants have been seen or will be seen on:
The Bachelorette - Jillian Harris!
E! Television - Kendra from The Girls Next Door
Style Network - Mother of the Bride (the same episode as one of my wedding guest books!)

Check her out on Etsy and also follow her on her blog!


Katie said...

whoa! love this "wonky" pendant necklaces. i better start hinting to jeremy :)

Katie said...

and by this i meant "these." hah sorry