Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Our Weekend with a Prize

I hope everyone had a nice long weekend. Our weekend consisted of date night (we saw Sherlock Holmes - SO good!), shopping for antiques (I found a fantastically awesome brass candle stick) the park (Elliott's first time on the swings - he loved it) and a Star Wars Marathon. It was a lot of fun watching them with Preston. Even though we love the films, there is always something to point out and laugh at and we had a grand old time doing so. But the most productive part of our weekend was putting up some shelves that I had painted months ago.

This wall was almost completely bare before so having these shelves really makes the room feel more homey. A big thank you to my sweet husband for putting them up for me!

**The first person to comment and guess correctly what is holding up those apparently floating books, will get a prize!**

Oh, and we got Elliott his first pair of shoes (that fit his thick feet). We have tried a few pairs before only to find that he either ripped them because his feet were too thick, or they wouldn't even get on his feet.

He loves them.


lisa said...

well i was going to say that it was just one of those "floating" bookshelves, but apparently you must have rigged something up of your own. is it just a couple of those long L brackets?? ...because i considered that for my own use.. i am intrigued...

im so pleased that you liked the movie! i just went and saw it for the second time...totally worth another ten bucks!

matchgirl said...

ten bucks! goodness sakes! remind me not to go to the movies next time we are in Florida.

AND, your first guess was right. I am not THAT crafty to rig something of my own...I just didn't realize that the floating bookshelves were that well known...so...YOU WIN!